Quakker Features

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Quakker functionalities that can boost your Salesforce immediately

  • Calling directly from Salesforce
  • Automatic connection saving
  • Automatic addition of activities with meeting notes
  • Creating a reminder to contact you at another time
  • Reporting time, number and length of calls
  • Creating Leads, Accounts and Contacts directly
    from app
  • Intuitive search engine for phone numbers
    and Contact names
  • Ability to assign Tasks to Opportunities
  • Call history

    Customer identification in CRM

    When a customer who is in our CRM calls you, the system will recognize him. It will show the consultant the customer card with the entire history of the contact (calls, emails, chat and messages). The consultant will be able to conduct a personalized conversation:

    „Good morning, Mr. Smith, it’s nice to hear you again.”

    It really works! It reduces the distance between the company and the customer and builds relationships.

    Easy Salesforce App Installation

    Customers can install the app within 10 minutes (API key and login data). The app is ready and no additional training is required.
    We provide full documentation allowing you to configure the customer app on your own, however, our consultants are ready to support you if needed.


    A missed call is a loss for your business. Quakker remind consultants to contact clients. Callbacks shift the burden of contact from the customer to the company.

    Call Queuing

    The client will not be disconnected even if all consultants are busy. You can use this time to present him with the latest promotions or other important information.


    From your point of view, the client will always get through to the right person. You just use the user-friendly interface and enjoy the great customer service.

    More of Quakker Functionalities

    How does Quakker work in practice?